There are multiple ways to gain more Instagram followers, which is important to both brands and influencers.

In a world where a lot of people try to make it on Instagram, it is all about being unique, offering quality content en being consistent.

1. Own style

Create an own style. An own style can be achieved in multiple ways. It can be done by using specific colors in every picture, specific angles to stand out or simply a common theme that returns in all pictures and makes you stand out.

An own style makes you unique and recognizeable. This will help you gain a following that’s loyal and looks forward to your next post.

2. Just starting? Boost yourself

If you’re just starting of with Instagram, it’s a good idea to buy Instagram followers to give your account a boost. People are more inclined to follow an account with a large following than an account with barely any followers.

Having a solid following will help you grow organically. Buying followers is not as scary as it seems: all big accounts have done it and it has helped them all.

3. Leverage stories

Stories are temporary posts that your followers can see for 24 hours. The stories are shown on top of the feed of a user. This makes it a very good way to draw attention to a new post.

Moreover, the more often someone clicks your story, the earlier you will be shown in the list of stories this user sees.

It’s therefore a great way to gain a loyal following and boost the average amount of likes per post.